People who smoke cigarettes are always worried about the possible dangers of used smoking. The only method to be completely safe is to quit smoking. One of many dangers of second hand smoking is that it can affect your health in several ways. E cigarette health threats are often regarded as worse than that of actual smoking.

e cigarette health

There are numerous studies that have been completed on e cigarette health threats and the majority of these investigations have proven that there is no link between e cigarette use and cancer. Cancer is defined as the growth of abnormal cells, usually growing from the normal tissues. Apart from cancer, the risk of e cigarette use range from damage to blood vessels, stroke and an increased threat of diabetes. E cigarette health risks also include harm to the respiratory system and heart attack.

Nicotine has been proven to be the primary ingredient in several cigarettes. There are a large number of deaths caused every year from diseases caused by second hand smoke. If you are an ex-smoker, you know the damage your addictive habit can perform to your health. Lots of the chronic illnesses suffered by people around the globe can be traced back again to the effects of their smoking habits.

E cigarettes are simply an electronic version of a cigarette. Once you light up a standard cigarette, a chemical reaction occurs which produces several chemicals and gases. Some of these gases are highly toxic, whilst others are less so. The effect of any single or cigarette is likely to podsmall.com be very small. However the combination of all of these individual components can lead to serious health threats.

You will find a great deal of controversy surrounding the introduction of electronic cigarettes in to the public domain. This controversy centres upon the fear that this type of product will encourage the continued smoking of more tobacco. This can lead to many teenagers lighting up as a result of a perceived rise in popularity of electronic cigarettes. This increase in smoking prevalence may very well be short lived, and the non smokers who have been inspired to start out smoking by electronic cigarettes will quickly shun them. The existing decline in smoking prevalence should become a warning to the ones that still smoke.

There is some good news about the health risks of e-cigs. They don’t produce the particles or tar that are connected with burning tobacco. Also there is no evidence to claim that they increase the likelihood of cancer or other disease. There’s more bad news about their unwanted effects however. There is little or no research to suggest that they’re less harmful than cigarettes. Plus its quite contrary.

Research completed by American scientists suggests that the effects of e cigarette smoking on your lungs is comparable to that of smoking thirty cigarettes per day. This means around three thousandths of a pound of lung weight exposure every year. This represents about fifteen pounds of potential damage to your lungs each year. Clearly this can be a significant risk to your wellbeing.

Although there’s much very good news about e cigarette health gleam dark side. Although they are becoming more readily available to users e-cigs still carry some health threats themselves. For example it’s been shown that e-cigs contain nicotine and this can be highly addictive. In addition they contain no tar compounds and contain no toxic gases.

The only problem with using an e cigarette is that you still have to cope with the physical act of smoking. For many who do not have a problem with nicotine there’s little to reduce by trying them. However should you have a serious problem with nicotine addiction, you should consult your doctor before you begin using e-cigs. You may want to try different electronic cigarettes until you find one that works for you personally. If you do not work successfully then at the very least you will end up saving yourself some cash as you will not need to purchase a pack of cigarettes to satisfy your cravings.

So we realize e cigarette health threats but what about their benefits? Well there are several but let’s cover several important ones. The main benefit to e-cigs is they can help you to quit smoking and to cut the quantity of years you would otherwise need to spend keeping you smoker friendly. By cutting the number of years you would otherwise need to smoke in you’ll achieve your goal quicker.

The second biggest benefit to e-cigs is that they are a great alternative for those who are afraid to try a more natural method of quitting. They’re way easier to use and do not require any type of patch or other kind of treatment. If you are a heavy smoker and need to break the addiction then these types of devices can make the procedure a lot easier. Just remember to always check with your doctor before you begin using any new drugs or nicotine products. Remember that e cigarette health risk should not stop you from experiencing the many benefits they provide.